Product Care

How do I sharpen my knife?
Take the time and effort out of knife sharpening by using a Schaffen® knife sharpener. Simply swipe the blade through the sharpening stages 5-10 times to give your knife a super sharp edge.

How often should I sharpen my knife?
For your favourite knives, which you use often, we recommend that you sharpen them every few months to keep them razor sharp.

How do I clean my Schaffen knife?
Hand wash gently with mild detergent in warm, soapy water. Dry well with a soft clean cloth.

What can I do to remove rust-like stains on my knife?
Firstly, don’t worry! It's not rust (they are stainless steel knives after all) but a harmless, common steel reaction called "pitting". This happens when blades have extended contact with water, food or other substances left on them. The good news is that pitting is very easily fixed:

Step 1: Fill a glass or plastic container with enough white vinegar to submerge the entire blade.

Step 2: Let it sit and soak for at least five minutes.

Step 3: Remove the knife and carefully scrub the area with a soft cloth, sponge, or a non-scratch scouring pad and rinse promptly.

Step 4: Dry carefully with a clean towel.

Are Schaffen® knives dishwasher safe?
Like all premium knives we don’t recommend dishwashing. In a dishwasher knives can knock against each other which can cause scratches or chipping. Also, it’s best to clean knives straight way, if the dishwasher is not switched on for a while any food remains on the knife can cause stains.

How should I store my knives?
Give your knives a comfy home, it's best to store knives on the Schaffen® Magnetic Knife Block. If you want to tidy them away in a drawer, use a protective sheath or knife roll.