How do I sharpen my knife? 

Take the time and effort out of knife sharpening by using a Schaffen® 3-Stage Knife Sharpener. Simply swipe the blade through the sharpening stages 5-10 times to give your knife a super sharp edge. 

How often should I sharpen my knife? 

For your favourite knives, which you use often, we recommend that you sharpen them every week.

How do I clean my Schaffen knife?

Hand wash gently with mild detergent in warm, soapy water. Dry well with a soft clean cloth. 

Are Schaffen knives dishwasher safe? 

Like all premium knives we don’t recommend dishwashing. In a dishwasher knives can knock against each other which can cause scratches or chipping. Also, it’s best to clean knives straight way, if the dishwasher is not switched on for a while any food remains on the knife can cause stains. 

What can I do to remove rust stains on my knife? 

First step, don’t worry! Second step, simply use a scouring pad or cloth and rub width wise to remove the stain. Metal polish can also be used. 

How should I store my knives?

Give your knives a comfy home, it's best to store knives on the Schaffen Magnetic Knife Block. If you want to tidy them away in a drawer, use a protective sheath or knife roll.