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Team Schaffen

"At Schaffen, two things drive us: Our intense passion for cooking; and creating incredible kitchen tools that make the experience even better!".

In every corner of the globe, food is the one thing that brings everyone together.

This is why we have a passion to do what we do - we're not commercial chefs, we just love to cook and create meals that we get excited to eat.

We established a range of kitchen ware that suites our style of cooking. As the woman in our duo, my passion is to cook hearty meals for my family to enjoy.

I love to make quick and easy meals that pack a punch of flavour.

Jayden on the other hand loves to experiment with flavours and food combinations.

Most of the time he does this well (with a few questionable inventions along the way).

Together we have a passion for being home cooks or (as we like to think of ourselves) Domestic Chefs. We both have a creative flare, and this has inspired us to design and create a range that is practical in execution but also looks amazing on display.

Our eye for design and quality is what inspired our range to fit perfectly in any home kitchen and create a statement.