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The Schaffen® Original Series Carving Knife. When we talk about those important moments in life (like Sunday roasts with the family), this is the tool that will be there right by your side.

Our Schaffen® team designed this 20cm blade to slice through the toughest of meats with ease. From Roast pork, to chicken or turkey – it doesn’t matter.

When you need it, The Schaffen® Original Series Carving Knife will be right there, ready for you.

It features the famous Schaffen® designed, perfectly balanced ergonomic handles that fit into your hand like they were made for it (because they were).

Our blades are hand forged by our master blade smith, using high carbon Chromium Carbide Stainless Steel, hardened to Rockwell 50+ standards - ensuring they remain sharp and durable for years to come.