The Schaffen Kitchen

  • Creamy Udon Soup with Pork Wontons

    Creamy Udon Soup with Pork Wontons

    As the cooler nights return, our creamy Udon soup with pork wontons is the perfect meal to warm the whole family. With ingredients full of vibrant textures, and complimentary flavours - we're definitely adding this one to our favourites list! Don't be afraid of its complexities; each part of this recipe is really easy to make, and is well worth all the extra effort!
  • Bacon & Egg Potato Cups (Mother's Day Special)

    Bacon & Egg Potato Cups (Mother's Day Special)

    Making breakfast for Mum on Mother's Day is a time honoured tradition. When I was a kid, it meant a glass of orange juice with burnt toast and Vegemite that's spread waaaay too thick.

    This year though, let's shake things up with something that Mum won't need to hold down - our Bacon & Egg Potato Cups are just the trick! Yes, this is a very fancy version of bacon & eggs - but don't you think Mum deserves it?!

  • Mac & Cheese with an Apple Cider Twist

    Mac & Cheese with an Apple Cider Twist

    Nothing says comfort food like a classic Mac & Cheese. However, if you're looking to add to your MC game, try our version which adds apple pieces and some hard cider for that little extra kick! 

    Chef's Tip: There's no such thing as too much cheese. If you think you've added too much, add some more!
  • Easter Egg Caramel Slice

    Easter Egg Caramel Slice

    This Easter Egg Caramel Slice recipe is the perfect plan for your leftover egg haul (if, by some miracle, that happens). A word of warning though, it is incredibly decadent, even by the biggest chocoholics standards (me).
  • Raspberry & Chia Seed Jam

    Raspberry & Chia Seed Jam

    This is not just jam, this is a whole food, superfood, super jam! And the best thing about this recipe? You don’t need to use gelatin or refined sugar, which you’ll usually find in traditional fruit preserves. Essentially, all you need is your favourite berries and some chia seeds!
  • Chicken Pappardelle with Hazelnut & Burnt Butter

    Chicken Pappardelle with Hazelnut & Burnt Butter

    This recipe has an incredible flavour profile, but is so easy to make (I mean, 4 easy steps, come on!)

    Make simple meals, and make them incredibly well. This is not the first time I've preached this message in The Schaffen Kitchen, but it rings true each and every time. Give this recipe a try, and tell me I'm wrong!