The Schaffen Kitchen

  • Rocky Road Slice

    Rocky Road Slice

    Here's one for the sweet tooth's! Our Rocky Road Slice recipe has been made and devoured at many, many parties over the years. It's so easy to prepare, and is fantastic to keep in the fridge as a go-to if unexpected guests turn up for a cuppa!
  • Loaded Steak Fries

    Loaded Steak Fries

    If the kids (or kidults) are whinging about how hungry they are, give our Loaded Steak Fries recipe a crack, and see how long it takes before a button pops!
  • Spinach & Ricotta Pull-Apart

    Spinach & Ricotta Pull-Apart

    Our Spinach & Ricotta Pull-Apart is super easy to make; perfect for a quick party appetizer! Yes, we've jumped on the food rings bandwagon, and it's a fun ride!
  • Creamy Potato Gnocchi

    Creamy Potato Gnocchi

    This dish ticks every box in the flavour game: Creamy, salty, rich, sweet and with those delicate, fluffy pillows of Gnocchi heaven...I just wish we saved enough for tomorrow's lunch! This is one recipe that even Nonna will approve of! Buon Appetito!
  • Panko Crusted Coconut Chicken

    Panko Crusted Coconut Chicken

    f you've never heard of/tried Panko crumbed anything before, this is a perfect introductory recipe for you. For those with Panko experience, the coconut element is just a total game changer.
  • Pumpkin Soup

    Pumpkin Soup

    Do you want to know the REAL secret to making the best pumpkin soup? It's using LESS ingredients not more! Sometimes the simple things in life are the best! The other real secret is picking the sweetest type of pumpkin. We love to use the Kent when making this recipe because of it's perfect viscosity and incredibly sweet flavour profile (Yes, we love pumpkin soup...can you tell?)