Mini Christmas Truffles

Mini Christmas Truffles

Our Mini Christmas Truffles have to be the CUTEST little things we've made all year!

With just 6 ingredients and an hour to spare, they are super easy to make, but with the appearance of being incredibly technical.

Come Christmas Eve, we'll leave some out for the Elves (right next to Rudolph's carrot stick and Santa's milk & cookies).


• Dark Fruit Cake | 400g
• Dark Melting Chocolate | 50g
• White Melting Chocolate | 100g
• Jaffa Balls
• Gummy Snake | Green
***For a little extra "Christmas Cheer", add some rum


STEP 1 | Process the cake until it forms a fine crumb. Melt the dark chocolate and add this to the mixture. Mix again until well combined.

STEP 2 | Roll mixture into balls and place in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.

STEP 3 | Melt the white chocolate. Using a teaspoon, drip the melted white chocolate on top of each ball.

STEP 4 | Cut up the green gummy snake into small bits. Add one of these and a Jaffa ball to the top as a "holly leaf".


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