Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

Over the years we've tried so many different versions of the humble Cottage Pie 🥧

But we've always found the best tasting ones, keep things simple - vegetables, beef, stock, mashed potatoes, (a cheeky glass of beer and the most important ingredient of all: time ⌛
Slow cook it for as long as you can, and bring out all the amazing flavours that this dish holds 😋


Slow Cooked Beef Mix

• Chuck Steak I 1kg | Chopped Large
• Onions I 2 | Roughly Chopped
• Celery I 3 Stalks I Roughly Chopped
• Button Mushrooms | 250gm I Quartered
• Sweet Potato | I Whole I Peeled & cut into large pieces
• Garlic I minced I 2 teaspoon
• Tomato paste I 100g
• Bay Leaves
• Stock | 1.5 Cups
• Beer | 1 Cup
• Corn Flour Sludge I 2 Tablespoons Flour made into a Paste with Water

Potato Topping
• Potato’s I 6 Large I Chopped
• Butter I 50g
• Milk I Full Cream I 100-150ml
• Flat-leaf Parsley | A handful I Chopped
• Parmesan Cheese | Grated I 100g
• Salt to taste


STEP 1 | Roughly chop all the vegetables. Put them in the slow cooker.

STEP 2 | Roughly chop the beef and add this to the slow cooker with the veges.

STEP 3 | Add the stock, beer, garlic, tomato paste and bay leaves to the pot. Salt and pepper to taste.

STEP 4 | Stir all ingredients through. Cook on low for 6 hours.

STEP 5 | Cook the potatoes until they are nice and soft. Using a potato masher, mash the potatoes till there are no lumps. Add the milk, butter and salt well. Stir through the parmesan cheese.

STEP 6 | Once the meat mix is cooked, spoon into a baking dish. Spoon lumps of potato on top until covered. Place under the grill till golden brown.


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