Corn Fritter Stack

Corn Fritter Stack

Our Corn Fritter Stack recipe is as good (if not better than) anything you can get at your favourite weekend cafe!

It looks deliciously ugly, and it's super easy to put together! 

"From our family's kitchen to yours, these are some of the best recipes real love can make" - Jane & Jayden, Schaffen Kitchenware


• Butter

• Corn Kernels (Canned or Fresh) I 550g

• Onion I Half

• Eggs | 2 Large

• Coriander Leaves | Chopped

• Plain Flour | 125g

• Baking Powder | 1 teaspoon

• Turmeric | ½ teaspoon

• Ground Coriander | ½ teaspoon

• Ground Cumin | ½ teaspoon

• Sea Salt | to taste

• Cracked Pepper I to taste

Fritter Topper

• Short cut bacon | 2 Slices P/P

• Cherry Tomato | 4 p/p (halved)

• Avocado | ¼ pp (Sliced)

• Egg I Cooked which way you like


STEP 1 Blend, onion, ½ of the corn, spices and 2 eggs.

STEP 2 Put the mixture into a bowl. Add the rest of the corn, the flour, the baking powder, chopped coriander, salt, pepper and the spices. Mix till combined.

STEP 3 Heat the frypan with the butter. Spoon the mixture into patties in the frypan and cook till golden brown.

STEP 4 Cook the bacon, egg and tomato’s to taste. Slice up the avocado.

STEP 5 Place 2 corn fritters down 1st, then stack the bacon, egg and tomato on top.


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