Cheesy Bacon Cob Loaf Dip

Cheesy Bacon Cob Loaf Dip

Cob loaf dips are the greatest food ever made.

If you make cob loaf dips for a party, you are saying to your guests, "I love you and I deserve your love too".

Whoever first created the cob load dip should have been made President of the World!

Jane has told me that I tend to get carried away when talking about the greatest dip ever made. So I'll try and keep this brief.

Presenting, our Cheesy Bacon Cob Loaf Dip recipe.

You are welcome.

- Jayden 


• Bacon | 200g I Diced

• 4 spring onions | Chopped

• Sour Cream | 400g

• French Onion Dip I Reduced Salt I 1 Packet

• Cream Cheese I 250g tub

• Tasty Cheese | 1 cup I Grated

• Butter I 1 Tablespoon

• Cob Loaf

• Salt and Pepper to taste 


STEP 1 Cut a well in the middle of the cob loaf. Pick out the rest of the bread from the middle until there is just a shell. Put on a baking tray and bake in the oven till golden.

STEP 2 Mix the French onion soup packet into the sour cream.

STEP 3 In a frypan, add the butter and cook the spring onions and bacon. Keep some of the spring onion aside to garnish.

STEP 4 Add the sour cream mixture, cream cheese and tasty cheese to the frypan and melt in with the bacon and spring onion.

STEP 5 When the mixture is melted and well combined, spoon the mixture into the crispy cob shell. Garnish with the remaining spring onion

STEP 6 Serve on your favourite platter with the excess bread on the side for dipping.

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