Burrito Samosas

Burrito Samosas

The taste of India meets the flavours of Tex-Mex in this wild fusion we call "Burrito Samosas".

P.S: Don't forget to serve them with our amazing guacamole dip!


• Tortillas I 6 Pieces

• Basmati Rice I 1 ½ Cups I Cooked

• Black Beans I 1 Can

• Potato I 4 Medium I Cooked

• Ground Coriander I 1 Tablspoon

• Ground Cumin I 2 Teaspoons

• Smoked Paprika I 2 Teaspoons

• Garlic I 1 Teaspoon I Minced

• Coriander I ½ Bunch I Finely Chopped

• Red Capsicum I 1 Whole I Diced

• Red Chili I 1 Whole I Diced

• Red Onion I 1 Whole I Diced

• Sriracha I 1 Tablspoon

• Olive Oil


STEP 1 | Cook whole potatoes until just cooked. Set aside to slightly cool. Chop into small segments.  Cook rice and set aside

STEP 2 | Add olive oil to a fry pan. Cook the onion until translucent, add garlic and red chili and capsicum and cook till soft. Add Sriracha, ground coriander, cumin and smoked paprika and cook till fragrant. Add the potato and stir through spice mixture. Add the beans and stir through.

STEP 3 | Cut a whole burrito bread into 5 even triangle segments. Using a whole burrito bread, firstly layer a spoon of rice, then add a small handful of tasty cheese followed lastly by a spoon of the potato and bean mixture and sprinkled with coriander. Use one of the triangle segments and place on top of the mixture.

STEP 4 | Brush the burrito with almond milk and fold edges up to form a triangle. Place the burrito triangles on a baking tray and cook at 160O for 15-20min or until golden.

STEP 5 | While the burrito samosa is baking in the oven, let’s get started on the guacamole. Smash 2 avocados, sweet chili, sour cream, coriander and lemon juice together.

Serve burrito samosa with sour cream and our famous guacamole dip

*** For a protein alternative, add chili con carne instead of the potato and spice mix

Serves 5

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