Media Release // 12.03.19

Media Release // 12.03.19

Gold Coast, Queensland - Today, Australian owned kitchenware company, Schaffen, marks the one year anniversary of the Schaffen 6pc Magnetic Knife Block, the product that changed the way Aussies use their kitchen.

It all started back in 2017, after Schaffen's founder Jayden O’Connell, was rushed to hospital. 

“All I wanted to do was slice a couple of pieces of bread to make toast. We’d just thrown out our old knife block after mould had moved in to the holes. So naturally, our knives ended up in the second drawer. I went fishing around in there, looking for a serrated knife. After a bit of a search, I found the blade, and pulling it up, caused another knife to fall out of the drawer, and land, blade tip first, into the top of my foot” said O’Connell.

“Sitting there, in surgery, getting my 12th and final stitch, I knew something had to change. We were planning on starting a family, and I was not about to let something like this happen to someone I love.” 

“Living in a rental at the time, meant that permanently attaching a big ugly magnetic strip to the wall was just out of the question. We needed a better option.”

That option came with the development of the now famous Schaffen 6pc Magnetic Knife Block Set.

“Searching for the right product became my full time job (or obsession as my wife Jane, called it). After pouring over, quite literally, hundreds of prototypes, we finally found what we were looking for. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew, straight away, that we were on to something great”.

“For me, there are two deal breakers: Knives that are sharp, and feel good in your hand. And second, a block that holds the knives securely, and is easy to clean” said O’Connell.

Utilising the strength and edge holding abilities of high chromium stainless steel, Schaffen blades are hand forged by master blade smiths using techniques passed down for centuries.

The very handles themselves have been ergonomically designed and tested to fit your hand perfectly. Composed of a high end, thermoplastic polymer, they are made to last.

“When it comes to knives, comfort is the most important thing. Every pro chef in the world will tell you; If your knives don’t feel great in the hand, they will not work for you” said O’Connell.

The other hero of the set is Schaffen’s famous Magnetic Knife Block. Equipped with built-in magnets that are strong enough to keep your blades held securely, yet still allowing you to easily pickup the knife you need. Built using sustainably sourced, environmentally sustainable rubber wood; the flat, stain resistant board makes cleaning down a breeze.“For me, this was the true selling point. I couldn’t clean my other blocks down because if anything got into the holes, it would be a mould disaster. Forget it! The Schaffen Magnetic Knife Block design makes it incredibly easy to keep your knives clean and safe whilst keeping your kitchen looking amazing”.
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